Old Reliable Stops Another Skid

Thank God for Andy Pettitte, who came out yesterday and stopped a skid by pitching a gem. He probably could have gone 8 innings and saved a bit more bullpen (or at least started it off with that rain delay coming, he was at 89 pitches after 7) but at least they got some reason. Bringing in Joba given the weather was rather questionable, especially since he pitched the night before after rushing in on a plane to make the game for no reason because it was an awful mess of no strikes being thrown by the starting pitcher.

What’s wrong with Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes? The answer is pretty simple, they’ve both been struck with a deadly case of Mussinitis and are nibbling way too much. Throw strikes, boys, it’ll help out a lot both in keeping your pitch counts down and get outs at the same time. Also, it’s much less frustrating for fans to watch.

Starting this upcoming time, the rotation has been shuffled so that Andy pitches between Hughes and Kennedy so hopefully the bullpen will get some rest and not get blown out 3 nights in a row.

The Hardball Times has an interesting piece up about effective fastballs.

Some wrap-up info on Andy’s gem.

Hank Steinbrenner talks and then talks some more .

Hideo Nomo is probably retired for good this time. It’s a little sad, but you’ve got to give the guy credit for deciding he wanted to come back and making a fight out of it. He’s just not starter material anymore and the Royals have a really good bullpen.

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