Pitching Matchups – Orioles vs Yankees

It’s time for my favorite thing in the world, pitching matchups!

Monday, July 28th
Jeremy Guthrie (6-8, 3.58ERA, 1.244WHIP) vs Mike Mussina (13-6, 3.26ERA, 1.212WHIP)

Guthrie is a very good young pitcher and has done well on the Orioles. I am still waiting for Mussina to have a bad start very soon because I feel like it’s due to happen. It will likely end up as somewhat of a pitcher’s duel, this game could go either way.

Tuesday, July 29th
Daniel Cabrera (6-6, 4.86ERA, 1.482WHIP) vs Darrell Rasner (5-7, 4.83ERA, 1.5WHIP)

Daniel Cabrera has had some flashes of brilliance this year, most notably (to me) against the Yankees on April 18th and May 20th. If the Yankees are patient they can probably frustrate him enough to bring out some of his wildness (though hopefully it doesn’t result in one of his games where he hits five people).

Rasner on the other hand is Rasner, and you just hope that he keeps the Yankees in the game. How this game goes depends on how Cabrera looks.

Wednesday, July 30th
Brian Burres (7-7, 5.37ERA, 1.618WHIP) vs Joba Chamberlain (3-3, 2.30ERA, 1.238WHIP)

I would normally be optimistic with the Yankees facing a pitcher like Burres but there is a catch: He throws with his left arm. This means one of the Yankees best hitters (Jason Giambi) will likely not be in the lineup in favor of a really tall guy who had good lefty splits this year but appears to be plummeting back to where you expect him to be (awful land). He has faced the Yankees three times this year, shutting them down twice but getting completely smacked around the third time (giving up four homeruns). I hope that means the Yankees lineup has figured him out, but those darn lefties are sure pesky!!

Joba is Joba, not much to say there. Hopefully he continues to kick ass.

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