Pro Mike Mussina Hall of Fame Argument Round-Up

It’s officially five years away but there’s already some talk about whether Moose is a Hall of Fame caliber pitcher or not. I happen to believe that he is. One thing that I hate is when people try pluck a random once in a lifetime talent out of the air and say “Well, he’s not as good as this guy!”. Yes, he’s not as good as Sandy Koufax but isn’t that a little unfair? You could, however, say with a straight face he is about as good as Juan Marichal.

Today before Mike Mussina came on WFAN to talk about his retirement, Jon Heyman was on. Jon Heyman is a well known idiot and he said something that really bugged me (and Mike Francesa agreed but he has some very strange opinions and ideas about baseball so I discount his opinion by a lot)–that the Hall of Fame should be for “impact players”. Players who “impacted” the game? What does this mean? I don’t know, Jon Heyman didn’t say other than Jack Morris is one of these and Bert Blyleven isn’t which shows you that it probably means absolutely nothing and is stupid. In case you’ve forgotten, Jon Heyman had a pretty awful ballot in 2007 with awful reasoning.

Anyway, there are a lot of Jon Heymans out there but there are also a lot of reasonable and intelligent people too. A lot of them are even sportswriters! So, while this is a hot topic now and will probably not come up again for another 5 years here are the arguments (both for baseball smarties and baseball dummies) that have been written supporting Moose’s Hall of Fame candidacy:

Joe Posnanski said so three times! Once, twice, thrice. He is my favorite sports writer so everyone should definitely listen to him.

Tyler Kepner asked around and it seems a lot of people agree with the support.

River Avenue Blues wrote up a quick support addressing the TWENTY WIN SEASON question for those of you who don’t live in your mother’s basement (my mom doesn’t have a house so I’m exempt).

Before I finish this, one of the things that really frustrates me is that if Moose had 300 wins like Tom Glavine (and he is a better pitcher than Tom Glavine, seriously go compare the two on baseball-reference) none of this would be necessary. However if he stuck around for three more years to get those wins, he would be exactly what everyone hates: a “compiler”. Instead he went out on a great note and didn’t drag anything out to try and hit a stupid milestone. Shouldn’t he get some credit for that?

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