What If They Made A Field Level And Nobody Sat There?

I just got back from today’s game and wanted to put this in a separate post. The attendance for the game was only 45k and it is really easy to pinpoint why: Huge numbers of empty Field Level seats. There were also a ton of Luxury Suites that seemed to be unused (the Party Boxes across the field from where I was had nobody sitting outside on a gorgeous day at the very least) and the Main Luxury Suite area was also pretty empty.

Here is the photo evidence:

I guess they’re going to have a bunch of extra magnetic schedules to give out at some point. I’m giving the one I got to my mom, so that’s cool with me. I’ll be back on Monday, we’ll see if things pick up then. I know this was a day game but it was the second game at the new stadium and this is pretty embarrassing for the team.


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  2. I was there. Took my mom for a day game. We noticed how the whole place was packed except for that wide swath between 1st and 3rd. its pretty embarrassing. I can’t say I feel bad at all. I had the Friday night plan in the upper deck behind home plate for the past 10 years. My tickets went from $18 in 1999 to $70 last year. In the new stadium, they would only give me similar seats as part of a full or half year plan. Now I sit down past first base. I’m planning on having a kid later in the year, so this is my last hurrah as far as season tix go. Worse, I used to get to sit near the dugout because a few friends dad’s had law firms that had great seats. None of them went for the premium seating.

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