$5 Ticket Nights and Midweek Plan Overlap

Update 2: I got one game mixed up because now you can just select the pricepoint $5 for the obstructed view bleachers when before you could not. I’ve adjusted the table and hopefully that’s it. I did notice that for some games the Yankees have discounted the Grandstand tickets by a few bucks ($26/$19 instead of $29/$22), I’ll see if I can find them all.

Update: I found a few more games and added them. 12 Game #1 is once again strapped with more of the games than the other plans but I think my conclusion is still fair.

Last year, the Yankees had 10 $5 ticket nights. In case you’re not familiar with these nights, they’re low draw games (well, for the Yankees anyway) and they price the Grandstand/Bleachers/Terrace at $5 a seat. They come to about $10 a piece after Ticketmaster fees which is still a good discount. I believe these days it’s just the outfield terrace that is discounted but in the past it was the whole Tier Box area. In any case, in 2009 12 Game Plan #1 holders were annoyed to find out that 10 of the games they had tickets for were $5 nights.

Because I enjoy follow-ups let’s see how things turned out this year:

Date Opponent In A Partial Plan?
April 14th Anaheim Yes, Fri+
April 15th Anaheim Yes, 12 Game #1
May 5th Baltimore Yes, 12 Game #2
May 20th Tampa Yes, 11 Game
June 30th Seattle Yes, 12 Game #1
July 22nd Kansas City Yes, 12 Game #1
August 3rd Toronto Yes, 11 Game
August 18th Detroit Yes, 12 Game #2
September 7th Baltimore Yes, 11 Game
September 23rd Tampa Bay Yes, 12 Game #2

There might be a few more $5 games floating around that I don’t know about, but it seems that this year they spread out the dates so that it would hit more plans instead of lumping them all together. While still frustrating it’s a bit more fair, and the money difference isn’t as ridiculous in these plans when you consider that this year every midweek plan includes not only a Red Sox game but a Phillies game.

The 11 game plan used to be the old E plan before relocation and was always discounted a lot, I wouldn’t be shocked if they changed it to be that way again over the next few years.

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