Prospect Stalking: Staten Island (Part 1)

Last night I took a special trip out to Staten Island with Greg from Pending Pinstripes to check out the new call-ups and signings who have joined the team in the last week or two. In case you’ve been sitting in a dark room somewhere the Yankees gave Rob Segedin (3B), Cito Culver (SS) and Gary Sanchez (C) the small bump up to the NYPL and signed Daniel Burawa and Thomas Kanhle just around deadline time and assigned them to Staten Island.

I didn’t get as many pictures as I normally would due to the weather (it’s hard to hold an umbrella and operate a camera at the same time!), but I was able to get some and will be back later in the week to hopefully get a lot more.

Starting for the Yankees was Nik Turley, who is a tall lefty (6’7″!) that the team drafted in 2008. He was their 50th round pick and they gave him $150,000 to sign out of high school. At the time of his signing, he was labelled a “project” and the nicest way to put it is that he still is. While he’s been on Staten Island for most of the year, this is the first time I saw him. I wasn’t very impressed, he had some major command issues and just totally lost the zone here and there for a batter or two at a time. The stadium gun wasn’t working but the word we got is that his fastball was 88-91. While that’s not bad from a lefty, you generally expect more out of someone that tall.

Other than that, I think the best way to go is bullet-points.

  • Rob Segedin does not look like an agile guy at first glance but seemed to move pretty well at 3B last night. Given the sample size of one game, I’m not going to label him as an above average fielder but he made at least three nice plays on balls including an excellent pick.
  • Cito Culver got his first NYPL hit, a liner up the middle. He handled his position in the field pretty well, especially for a kid his age. After some of the minor league “shortstops” I have seen this year, it was a nice treat.
  • Gary Sanchez is a big kid. His calves are huge and he is built like a Molina. Since he’s so very young, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing and he’ll have to work hard to keep up on his conditioning. He was charged with a passed ball that I personally would have scored a wild pitch.
  • Daniel Burawa pitched an inning in relief, and I sent Greg over to the scout with a gun to find out what he was throwing (the answer was “95”). He had some command issues and threw pretty much all fastballs.

Here’s a bad quality video of Burawa pitching to Daniel Anderson (who singled). While Burawa himself is a bit blurry, you can see that he’s got a few funky things going on in his motion that can help out with deception:

And lastly, here are the pictures that I took last night.

Staten Island Yankees 08-23-2010

I’ll have something more comprehensive later in the week, weather permitting.