Off Season Time Wasters Part 1: Goofy Polls

It’s the offseason, I miss baseball and someone sent me this goofy SportsNation poll so I did it:

I would have liked this better if I could fill in the names myself instead of picking from a list. I stopped at 8 because there are people not available from the list to pick that I would put before the remaining candidates.

The inclusion of Reggie Jackson who only played for the team for five seasons on these lists always irks me. I also understand that he’s there because this is made for the common man and not the nerd Leo who is wondering how you could possibly leave out Red Ruffing!

I think Alex will be on the list when he retires, he is pretty close now.

If you’re wondering who Bill Dickey was and why I’m so high on him, feel free to educate yourself.

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