My Ridiculous (And Probably Stupid) Amazon Spending Spree

I don’t go to retail outlets outside of my neighborhood during the Thanksgiving weekend. I used to work it, I know how irritating it is for everyone involved and I don’t think that buying things at discounted prices is worth dealing with insane crowds. Sure if I muscled my way into a Best Buy at 5am or something I might have been able to find Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time for $10 but my personal feeling is that the extreme aggravation a trip like that would cause me wouldn’t be worth saving twenty-dollars. That is why Amazon’s weekend sale is perfect for me and others like me who loathe crowds of people, waking up early and waiting on line for a long time.

I don’t buy everything that Amazon has on sale that I want because I am not completely irresponsible. I really only grab things that are on sale for a price that they won’t hit again for some time or that I’ve been waiting for a pricedrop on that might disappear soon.

Here’s what I picked up this year:

  • 3D Dot Heroes
  • Dragon Quest IX
  • Dead Rising 2
  • Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light
  • Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Limited Edition
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold (giving away my disc of the original)

They had a lot of other games up for grabs through the Gold Box and so on during the weekend that I convinced myself not to get. Professor Layton 2 and 3 for $18 each was a really great deal but I’d already bought everything up there except Dead Rising 2. I’d deciphered what most of the Gold Box deals for the day were and made the decision to wait for the Dead Rising 2 deal that night. I was very proud of myself for holding back.

I’m picking up Golden Sun: Dark Dawn tomorrow and then going on a game buying hiatus unless something incredibly ridiculous pops up. The next game after GS3 that I know I will find myself longing for is Ys: I&II Chronicles which comes out in January so it shouldn’t be too hard, or so I keep telling myself.

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