I’m Back and So Is My Dorky Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker

I’ve been AWOL for quite some time for a variety of reasons but mostly because I have been very busy at work this year. I couldn’t stay away during Hall Voting Season, though, so my ballot tracker is back and so am I. And I’m not gonna lie, I will probably need help keeping it up to date more this year than in the past, so anything you find please contact me via the comments here, Twitter (I’m @leokitty) or just send me an email at lunserschutz at gmail.com.

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Here’s the link to the tracker itself — I’ll be putting up a link for it in the header as well in case this post gets buried.

As a warning, if you tag along on Twitter I post a lot about my cats and other non-baseball stuff.


  1. Awesome spreadsheet! Thanks for compiling. Just one question: How did you get info on votes cast by individual sportswriters? Is the data based on what you’ve read about them (e.g., appearances on TV, articles they published in their local newspapers sharing their picks)?

    • Nick,

      I check around major media outlets that I know do ballots (the NY Times doesn’t, but the Tribune does, etc) and have set up a bunch Google alerts for certain keywords. Even then I still miss some, like a lot of the Twitter links, but people send them to me. So it’s pretty much from scrounging around the internet and having other people pitch in.

      Last year I started including backlinks in a column so it doesn’t look like a “take my word for it” thing.

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