Compare & Contrast: Devil May Cry 3 vs DmC

I’m working on a longer post for Friday with my gripes laid out but I just did a playthrough of Devil May Cry 3 and followed it up with DmC and I definitely have two posts of kvetching in me.

Devil May Cry 3 DmC
Dante is a smartass cocky dude who is funny. He likes pizza and guitars. Dante is a smartass cocky dude who is not funny. It is implied he has a big dick.
Vergil is a broody not-human with plans who is very good with a sword. He wears a cool jacket. Vergil is a whiny not-human with plans who is not as good with a sword as Dante. He wears a dumb jacket.
Many options available to customize how you play through the game. Many different weapons and combat styles to choose from. Even a defense only first option if you are a weirdo who doesn’t just like to smash enemies blindly with a sword. Dante has a sword and then there are some secondary weapons you have to hold down multiple buttons to use. You’ll hit the wrong ones sometimes and get annoyed.
Tight re-playable levels for those who like to go for better rankings. You will not need to replay any levels unless you really enjoy collectibles or SSS rankings because if your hands can push buttons you will probably S/SS rank everything in normal difficulty without breaking a sweat.
 Trish is not in this game.  Trish is not in this game.

Dragon’s Dogma Demo Playthrough

Please excuse my alliterative post title, I’m not the one who decided “Dragon’s Dogma” was a cool name for a video game. In any case, having just finished playing through the (short) demo I figured I’d write some brief notes:

  • The demo consists of two short levels ending in what I’d call mini-boss fights. I would guess that in the full game it takes longer than ten minutes to reach these bosses like it did here, or that the levels go on for much longer.
  • The look of the game reminds me a lot of Dark/Demon’s Souls and the controls borrow from those games but that’s where the similarities end. Dragon’s Dogma is party based and far less punishing. When your minions go down you can go press a button and revive them.
  • In the demo chapters you play as two character types: A warrior and a ranger. I assume in the full game you get to pick your character type and will be able to select the mage if you wish. They played pretty much like your standard warrior and rogue/ranger type characters.
  • Combat and controls are very intuitive and not annoying. You use the d-pad to give your minions directions if you don’t like what they’re doing and it uses the controller buttons rather than triggers for attacks.
  • You can climb on the large bosses and keep them from flying/jumping/whack them in the head and stuff which is cool. I am excited to fight a dragon because the one they show at the start of the prologue is huge.
  • I really liked the design of the griffon and chimera. They are standard for the monsters but not boring.

I didn’t mess much with the character editor because it was in-depth and you use it not only for yourself but your minions and I knew I’d get trapped in there for hours if I did. I think I spent 45 minutes making my character in Demon’s Souls. Yes, I realize this is a problem with my brain.

I put in a pre-order for Dragon’s Dogma thanks to a Newegg sale and a sudden desire to take a risk on an interesting looking game made by an interesting development team. If the demo is indicative of the quality of the full game I won’t regret the purchase.

Here’s the trailer from last year’s E3 because why not?


Games I Hate, Part I – Devil May Cry 2

I don’t normally play through games that I find myself hating as I usually have a gigantic backlog waiting to be played. However some games are different and reach a special level of hate where I feel like I must beat them or they will have beaten me. Because games like this are rare, I have decided they are worth chronicling. Learn from my pain and don’t play them.

I beat this crappy game and all I got was an ad for expensive jeans
I had never been so excited for a game as when I ran to pick up Devil May Cry 2 after my shift at the comic book store. I really thought there was just no way I would dislike the game. I’d watched trailers and lots of video and I just knew it was going to be amazing. I was so wrong that I could not believe how wrong I was.

I haven’t played DMC2 since I first beat it, and I will never play it again so I’m not going to give a big detailed rundown but it was disappointing in pretty much every way possible. The combat was boring, the story was completely nonsensical, Dante went from being an endearing smartass to a silent guy with no personality and the boss fights that had looked so big and great in the preview videos were actually really tiny and boring.

One boss, specifically, that I won’t forget is the monster-building thing. In the completely misleading preview videos it seemed like it was a massive, multi-part battle against an effing building that was going to kick so much ass and be so much fun it was ridiculous. When I got to this boss myself, however, it was a “stand next to this thing and press X a lot and dodge sometimes” affair.  Extremely disappointed is a light way of describing how I felt.

I finished DMC2 because I was waiting for something to happen that would make it fun or interesting or just maybe alleviate my hatred levels a little bit. Instead I ran through a lot of brownish areas, hit some things, was bored and irritated that this Lucia chick wasn’t as cool as Trisch from the first game. When I beat the game it made a big woop about how I unlocked some special Diesel apparel for Dante to wear the next time I played through (which I had already decided would be never).

The only time the DMC2 disc has been anywhere near my PS2 since then was right before DMC3 came out. My boyfriend wanted to play through before we picked up the third installment since he had loved the first a ton. I warned him about how bad and boring a game it is, but he wanted to see for himself. He played for about twenty minutes before returning the game to its case.