Dragon’s Dogma Demo Playthrough

Please excuse my alliterative post title, I’m not the one who decided “Dragon’s Dogma” was a cool name for a video game. In any case, having just finished playing through the (short) demo I figured I’d write some brief notes:

  • The demo consists of two short levels ending in what I’d call mini-boss fights. I would guess that in the full game it takes longer than ten minutes to reach these bosses like it did here, or that the levels go on for much longer.
  • The look of the game reminds me a lot of Dark/Demon’s Souls and the controls borrow from those games but that’s where the similarities end. Dragon’s Dogma is party based and far less punishing. When your minions go down you can go press a button and revive them.
  • In the demo chapters you play as two character types: A warrior and a ranger. I assume in the full game you get to pick your character type and will be able to select the mage if you wish. They played pretty much like your standard warrior and rogue/ranger type characters.
  • Combat and controls are very intuitive and not annoying. You use the d-pad to give your minions directions if you don’t like what they’re doing and it uses the controller buttons rather than triggers for attacks.
  • You can climb on the large bosses and keep them from flying/jumping/whack them in the head and stuff which is cool. I am excited to fight a dragon because the one they show at the start of the prologue is huge.
  • I really liked the design of the griffon and chimera. They are standard for the monsters but not boring.

I didn’t mess much with the character editor because it was in-depth and you use it not only for yourself but your minions and I knew I’d get trapped in there for hours if I did. I think I spent 45 minutes making my character in Demon’s Souls. Yes, I realize this is a problem with my brain.

I put in a pre-order for Dragon’s Dogma thanks to a Newegg sale and a sudden desire to take a risk on an interesting looking game made by an interesting development team. If the demo is indicative of the quality of the full game I won’t regret the purchase.

Here’s the trailer from last year’s E3 because why not?