Behold: The Tex Murphy Kickstarter

Kickstarter has become a great place for devs of out-of-style (but still awesome) game genres to appear and plead their cases for pledges and Tex Murphy is the latest to make an appearance. Don’t know what Tex Murphy is? There’s an easy two-step process to remedy this.

1) Watch their amazing Kickstarter pitch video (just click on the player to play and pause, I had to remove the JPG for the fancy chrome because it was broken)

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2) Head over to and buy Under A Killing Moon. It’s a really great game and unlike most of the other titles to come out of the FMV craze it’s well acted and well written.

After you do these two things, head on over and pledge so this game happens.

(extra explicit link: Tex Murphy: Project Fedora on Kickstarter)