Sorta Hidden Sorta Gems in the Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer sale is only going on for a few more days so I figured now would be a good time to highlight some of the games that are on sale in publisher catalogs but unlikely to be a featured sale item. They are not necessarily world beaters, but I found all four of the games below to be very solid and fun and definitely worth the $5 and your time.

Children of the Nile Pack – $3.12 (75% off) – Tilted Mill Entertainment was founded by former members of Impressions Games and is the current home of much of many of the developers and designers from that studio. Children of the Nile is the first game they produced and it is a city builder like Caesar, Pharoah and Zeus. The production values are not quite as good but Children of the Nile is still superior to pretty much every non-Impressions city builder out there. It is a deeper game than Pharaoh with different citizen and city concerns so don’t worry that you’ll be playing the same game again.

Freedom Force: Freedom Pack – $5.01 (33% off) – Ken Levine made games before Bioshock, including these two super hero RPGs. They feature an assortment of JSA-esque chqracters in a Jack Kirby inspired world. Beyond the two very good games there is also a fan community who have created skins and missions based on Marvel and DC heroes.

Avencast – $4.99 (50% off) – Solid action RPG set in a magic school. No, it’s not like Harry Potter. You pick the way you want to play by selecting the type of magic you want to specialize in. Avencast won’t blow your mind but it’s an enjoyable ride.

Stubbs the Zombie – $2.49 (75% off) – Find out how the other half lives by playing Stubbs and eating a lot of brains. Eating brains or meleeing humans to death give you a shiny new zombies who obeys your commands. The one real drawback? The game is pretty short. But that’s why you should buy it now for $2.50.