The Suikodening

When Dragon Age: Inquisition came out, I upgraded my a computer a bit so that I could play it without the game suiciding constantly. A side-effect of that was that I could run PS2 emulation on my PC pretty well. I’d been wanting to replay Suikoden V for some time, and from there I decided to just replay every Suikoden game. Thus, the Suikodening.

It took a few months for this to get off the ground, because that is how things always go with me but it is now underway. I also did some poking around and discovered that there are now fan translations of Suikogaiden 1 and 2 out there, so they’ll be included in this insanity. I’m going to play them after Suikoden II as Nash is introduced into the mainseries in Suikoden III.

I’ve already taken care of a new replay of Suikoden (the game was much shorter than I remember it being, but other than recruiting all the stars stars I didn’t really wander off the path much), so this is already my most successful video game project of all time!

I put up very boring streams on Twitch when I play unless I am just doing level-grinding type activities, so if watching RPGs happen on your screen sounds appealing to you follow along here: When I get to Suikoden IV I may set up a web-cam to show my annoyed at how bad the game is face for the amusement of any watchers.

Let the Suikodening begin.